1:46 am

Damn regrets

Stop convincing yourself that it is okay to fail because it isn’t. Fuck “at least I’ve learned” or “it’s part of growing up” reasons. It is not fine and it will never be. And I am not fine because I feel like failing.

There are two types of tired people. One who is too tired and needs a good night sleep and another who is too tired that desires to disappear. I’m belonging in the latter but for now, let me have the first one.

1:07 am

I want to disappear.
Even for an hour or half.


  • Torturing myself with questions that don't want answers

I memorized the feeling of being “not okay” that I forgot how to be truly fine.

Please make me remember why I fell for you in the first place.

  • I'm missing my best friend.
  • I mean, "used to be the best" friend.

Srsly, I need a break. Fuck school. Fuck schoolworks. I know I fucking need education but I’ll learn without the torturing part. Term break please. I care less for the judgment day for now because all I need is a good fuckng sleep.

Gusto kong manligaw. Gusto kong maging lalaki.

Masakit bang umasa na baka sya naman yung pupunta sa’yo para suyuin ka. Hahahahaha. Puta.